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According to the American Medical Association, stress reduction is a key health issue facing contemporary American families. Eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and getting sufficient sleep also have a profound effect on
your health.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to
develop, implement and maintain a workout routine.

So what can you do to bring your fitness to
the next level?

Above the Bar helps you exercise smarter and
provides an advanced flexibility, cardiovascular and resistance training
software at a reasonable price. At the gym, in your home, or wherever
you exercise, you can benefit by becoming more knowledgeable about your

So what are you waiting for? Start now and be
a key player in your own fitness.

Every order includes a
4-stage Training Guide to help you achieve your fitness goals.


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Getting Above The Bar?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Above The Bar. There is a wide range of activities for people of all fitness levels, from the Beginner to the Competitor. Any sport or related activity with regular exercise can help you with your fitness goals. Being more physically active offers a wide range of health-related benefits, can make you feel more energetic and better about yourself, and, of course, can provide a great deal of enjoyment. If you are a competitive athlete, powerlifter, bodybuilder, runner or biker, there are professional features just for you.
Is Being Active For Me?

Get Active. You will improve your health by building up to half an hour of moderate activity each day, such as a brisk walk. You should do activities that you enjoy and can make a regular part of your life. The Activity Log has an extensive list of activities that you can
incorporate into your daily routine.

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Above The Bar is designed to assist:
Police Officers  Personal Trainers
Firefighters  Gym Owners, Clubs
Runners, Joggers  Fitness Instructors
Bikers, Cyclists  Martial Arts Instructors
Swimming, Aquatics  Rehab Specialists
Aerobics Instructors  Football Coaches
Basketball Teams  Power Lifters
Body Builders  Weight Trainers
Seniors  Fitness Enthusiasts
Weight Loss Specialists Armed Forces Members


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